Traineeships in the fight for young financial talent

‘We are in dire need of extra people to relieve the work pressure.’
In de arbeidsmarkt wordt zo ongeveer gevochten om jonge finance-professionals. Traineeships are a common occurrence in the world of finance and control. Photo Shutterstock

WUR is urgently seeking entry-level finance professionals and has brought out a new weapon: a two-year traineeship. The first group is to consist of five trainees starting in September.

WUR offers this traineeship to recruit budding controllers. Young professionals with a degree in accounting, business economics or finance & control. Precisely the type of workers that are notoriously scarce in the current employment market, says recruiter Jeanine van ’t Veer. The urgency is felt at WUR also. ‘We are in dire need of extra people to relieve the work pressure.’

Traineeships are common in the world of finance and control. This is a specific type of contract through which a young professional is trained for their specific domain within a set timeframe through a learning-on-the-job approach. This is the first time WUR offers a finance traineeship.

The traineeship will cover a two-year timeframe. During this period, trainees will work on three separate assignments while building experience with the daily work of planning and control as they rotate between different science groups. After completing the traineeship, they can serve as full project controllers.


While large consultancy firms attempt to win over trainees with trips or a company car, WUR focuses on the element of purpose. Working at WUR means contributing to a sustainable future. ‘The new generation is more sensitive to such incentives than the previous one. Naturally, we offer a competitive salary’, Van ‘t Veer states.

Recruitment takes place through a campaign on LinkedIn and the communication channels of relevant study programmes and study associations. Both college graduates and university graduates are welcome. Candidates have until 15 April to apply; the selection and introduction day will take place on 18 April.

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