New: student-run podcast ‘Wageningen Pulse’

Two students started a podcast about what’s going on in the WUR community.
The new podcast is run by WUR students Sophia Khosravi (left) and Ayusha Chalise. Photo Wageningen Pulse

So far, they have released eight episodes, with topics ranging from how students experience ACT (Academic Consultancy Training) to pandemics like COVID-19 and from campus discourse on the Israel – Palestine conflict to an exploration of ISOW (International Student Organisation Wageningen).

The podcast, called Wageningen Pulse, is hosted by Ayusha Chalise (25, MSc student in International Development from Nepal) and Sophia Khosravi (24, MSc student in Nutrition and Health from the United States). Khosravi: ‘We want our podcast to be a platform for diverse voices within the WUR community and facilitate open dialogue between students and faculty. Also, we want to highlight different initiatives and current events around campus. It is a podcast about what is going on in student life, what the WUR staff is focusing on, and which initiatives and innovations are taking place.’

Insights and sharing

Their most recent episode, released on Wednesday, February 7, is about the Student Council. ‘We talk about what they do and which initiatives they are working on’, says Khosravi. ‘Now Ayusha and I are working on episodes about activism and student housing experiences. What is it like to live in a student community like Droevendaal, for example? By interviewing people, we want to get insights and share what’s going on around WUR.’

Chalise and Khosravi keep their listeners up to date about what they are working on via Instagram and LinkedIn. ‘Sometimes our listeners also approach us with topic ideas’, says Khosravi. ‘If people want to do that, the best way to reach out to us is via email.’

The WUR students release a new Wageningen Pulse episode every two weeks on Wednesday. The podcast is available on Spotify.

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