‘Make WUR cafeterias plant-based’

Students call for exclusively plant-based catering in an open letter.
The campaign was launched in front of the FrieslandCampina building on Monday, 5 February. Photo Resource

A group of Wageningen students wants the campus cafeterias to switch to a fully plant-based menu. Over thirty Wageningen faculty members have signed the letter.

The students have joined the international Plant-Based Universities campaign to achieve a plant-based university. They share an open letter signed by over 1200 academics and public figures from across the globe, among whom are thirty WUR employees.

The protesters announced their goals during the monthly climate alarm (where participants symbolically drop to the ground during the monthly testing of the aerial alarm system to raise awareness for the climate crisis, ed.). This time, the protest action took place in front of FrieslandCampina. Other universities and university colleges also launched their campaigns for a fully plant-based university catering this Monday.

Logical conclusion

The open letter cites scientific studies proving the negative impact livestock farming and fisheries have on the climate. The signers call on universities to draw their conclusions and transition to plant-based catering.

Plant-Based Universities began in the United Kingdom in 2021. There are currently campaigns on behalf of the action group at over eighty universities.

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