Darwin Café focuses on expedition

Participants in the Darwin-200 journey talk about their experiences aboard.
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Charles Darwin’s trip around the world aboard the Beagle needs no introduction. The world-renowned biologist travelled around the world from 1831 till 1836 and, in doing so, laid the foundations for the theory of evolution, which he described in the book  On the Origin of Species. The Darwin 200 Global Voyage expedition, which is currently underway, does it all again.

Even on the Dutch vessel De Oosterschelde, the expedition members take two years to repeat the journey in 32 legs. Gert van Maanen, editor-in-chief of Bionieuws, Darwin expert and initiator of the Darwin Café, is to join the Galapagos-Easter Islands leg of the journey this summer. He is not yet able to reveal that experience.

But what he can discuss is background information on the current expedition and how it differs from the journey Darwin himself undertook. There is no shortage of experience in the café, as Darwin Leaders Merlijn Hulseboom (WUR-alumnus) and Jessica Tax discuss the work they are doing in Cape Verde and Rio de Janeiro, respectively, under the expedition’s flag.

The Darwin Café is to take place in the city brewery/Café Rad in Wageningen. The brewery developed a new beer to mark the occasion: Darwin v4, a British pale ale which will first be served during the Darwin Café. The lecture is free (although buying a drink is mandatory) and starts at 20.00 hrs. The café can also be followed online through Zoom.

Monday 12 February, 20:00-22:00 hrs.
Café Rad van Wageningen, 1e Kloostersteeg 3, Wageningen
Free admission (consumption mandatory)
Watch online via Zoom

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