New apartment buildings near Bornsesteeg

Idealis wants to construct two new student buildings next to the Bornsesteeg building.

The buildings are to offer housing for 350 students, as well as the new Idealis offices.

The buildings will be 33 and 20 metres high, with the highest building directly adjacent to the already existing Bornsesteeg building. With its 33 metres, it is half the height of the Bornsesteeg building. The other, smaller, building will be constructed a little further away, on WUR grounds. A ditch between the two buildings will be upgraded to form a green ecological zone to zo connect the two sides of the Bornsesteg.

Below ground

The entrance to the campus will look vastly different with the new buildings. The existing bike sheds and parking spaces will disappear. ‘We aim to construct a new bicycle parking facility underneath the building’, says Bart van As, Idealis director. The new buildings will also have bike parking beneath them.

University staff frequently use this parking lot, while it is not meant for them

Bart van As, Idealis director

A small parking lot for motorised vehicles will be constructed behind the existing Bornsesteeg building. Van As: ‘Many international students live in the building, most of whom don’t own a car. University staff frequently uses this parking lot, while it is not meant for them.’ A gate closing off the new parking lot, with room for 33 cars, is to prevent it from being used by non-residents.

De skyline van Wageningen met de niewbouw (in lichtbruin) gezien vanuit het westen.
Wageningen’s skyline seen from the west, with the new buildings in brown

The new buildings are to compensate for the temporary housing that will be closed in the coming years. There are currently 1100 students living in temporary facilities on Kortenoord, the Haarweg and two buildings on the former campus at the Dreijen. The housing facilities lost are compensated for by the new buildings constructed along the Marijkeweg, Born-Oost, and Bornsesteeg.


Nature conservationists oppose the plans. The highest of the two buildings is to be constructed in the middle of an existing ecological zone, the loss of which is nowhere near compensated by upgrading the ditch to an ecological zone, they claim. Moreover, the intended construction will cause disruption due to noise, lights and human presence. Hence, they call for a stop to the plans.

A political evening focusing on the construction will be held in the city hall this evening.

With contributions by Arnold Winkel/DG

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