Wageningen remains leftist stronghold

Groen Links/PvdA gains terrain; PVV distant second by small margin.

The national landslide in favour of the right-wing is barely reflected in the student city of Wageningen. Although the PVV doubled its votes from 5 to 10%, it still has less than one-third of the ballots cast in favour of the GroenLinks/PvdA coalition.

The party led by Frans Timmermans obtained 37 per cent of the votes, a considerable increase from the previous national elections, when the (virtual) coalition gained 21 per cent of the votes, coming in directly after D66. In Wageningen, D66 lost a little over half their constituents.


D66 and the VVD are in a shared third spot in Wageningen, just ahead of Pieter Omtzigt’s NSC. Volt, the surprise newcomer that gained 8 per cent of the votes last time, was slashed in half this election. BBB played no role of significance in Wageningen, with just 2 per cent of the votes in their favour. Partij voor de Dieren (5 per cent) saw a slight decline.

The turnout in Wageningen was high as usual, with 83.65 per cent of the electorate casting their ballots, but still 2 per cent lower than two years ago.

Columns from left to right represent party, percentages in the 2023 elections, percentages in the 2021 elections.

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