Voting and running on campus

Election day. Time for Resource to gauge opinions on the campus.
The voting station in Forum is open for business. Photo Luuk Zegers

As is tradition, Wageningen citizens can cast their ballot in Forum during this election. There is a station at each of the entrances. Resource took a look during lunchtime and spoke with some of the students who had just cast their votes. And, we cheered on teacher Joost Baars, who will run past all voting stations in Wageningen to celebrate his birthday and democracy.

Gaby (22)

‘Previous elections have made it clear to me where my preferences lie. There are two parties with which I strongly agree. The topic that is most important to me is the climate. That may not be the case for the average voter because there is no shortage of other issues, but it remains the most critical for me. There are some strategic considerations as well this election; hence, I voted for GroenLinks-PvdA.’

Nynke (18)

‘This is my first time voting, and it immediately feels very intense because there is a lot at stake. Sustainability is the issue I am most concerned about, but I also consider how parties plan to implement sustainability. Part of my family is farmers, so I did not vote for a party that plans to slash the livestock population in half. So, no D66. The voting guide suggested the Piratenpartij (pirate party), but their name put me off. GroenLinks-PvdA seemed interesting, but I went for Volt.’

Daniël (21)

‘I voted with my heart, but it’s also a good strategic choice. The issue most important to me is structural inequality in the Netherlands. I feel that absolutely nothing has been done about that in recent years, so there really needs to be more focus on that issue. Poverty reduction, as well as the climate crisis, have determined my vote. I cast my ballot for  GroenLinks-PvdA. The polls show a strong right-wing front, so it’s very tense. But I am hoping GroenLinks-PvdA does well; that would be awesome.’

Joost Baars (35), teacher of Plant Breeding

‘Today is my birthday, and I am running past all the voting stations in Wageningen to treat the volunteers to a snack of tomatoes and carrots. I expect people will be surprised when I come running in. I hope they appreciate my treat. The tomato (which features prominently in the SP logo, ed.) is not to be seen as a push to vote for a particular party. My only advice is: go vote! Today, we celebrate that we live in the Netherlands and have the right to vote. I want to focus on that while running.’

Mayor Floor Vermeulen came to see Joost Baars off with a municipal water bottle as a gift. The birthday run will take Baars to all the Wageningen voting stations

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