Whistleblower at WUR

Marc Bracke has grave concerns about scientific integrity at WUR.
Carillon WUR Photo Resource

Bracke is a researcher of Animal Welfare and has been at odds with WUR for quite a while. The conflict has culminated in a notification as a whistleblower.

The affair began when he was expelled from a project group after posting a critical, personal tweet about the overpopulation of pig styes in Denmark. His tweets show how the story developed. Both Bracke and WUR invoke the confidentiality obligation and decline comments as long as the procedure continues.

Labour dispute

Bracke opened a procedure with the WUR Scientific Integrity Committee (CWI), as well as the National Body for Scientific Integrity (LOWI). Both organisations rejected his complaint as a labour dispute rather than a violation of scientific integrity. Bracke is barking up the wrong tree.


The LOWI feels that there should be room for Bracke’s concern over his right to free expression within WUR. That freedom to tweet applies to researchers as well, according to LOWI. Through a whistleblower procedure, Bracke is now attempting to see justice served. An external agency is now investigating some of the malpractices Bracke suspects.

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