Survey: How welcoming is The Netherlands to internationals?

Internationals: Do you feel welcome at Wageningen University & Research?
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A reduction in English-taught courses and a maximum number of international students: these measures on the table in the Dutch Lower House put pressure on the position of internationals at universities.

What do international students and staff notice about the debate on internationals? Do you feel welcome at Wageningen University & Research? How do people respond to you as an international? Has that changed lately? How do you feel about working and living in the Netherlands?

Together with other Dutch university magazines, Resource is conducting a survey on how hospitable Dutch universities are to internationals. 

Completing this survey is completely anonymous (sign-in is only required to validate your access within Wageningen University & Research; this information will not be saved in the survey) and takes you less than ten minutes.

Click here to go to the survey.

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