New app ‘not designed for fit boys and fit girls’

Rewards require hard work.

WUR has launched a new vitality app for all its employees. FitterUp, which replaces the app Fitcoinfs, is designed to increase employees’ awareness of how much they move. Physical activity enables you to earn points with which rewards can be bought. How lucrative is it?

‘Earning points with FitterUp does not require you to exercise excessively or run a marathon every week’, says Bob van der Panne, the FitterUp founder. ‘The app is not designed for fit boys and fit girls.’ The app was presented during a digital user session last Wednesday. ‘The programme focuses on wellbeing and vitality.’


Points (health coins or HCs) may be earned by walking or cycling. Each day, you can earn two points for every two thousand steps, but the first six thousand steps are not rewarded, and neither are steps over the daily maximum of twelve thousand. A similar system applies to cycling. Two points are awarded each day for every 2.5 kilometres, starting at 5 kilometres and with a daily maximum of 12.5 kilometres.

Employees with a very active lifestyle may earn a maximum of 212 points weekly if they walk (12 thousand steps) and cycle (12.5 km/day) every day and achieve weekly bonuses for both.

Hence, scoring points is hard work. An average adult in the Netherlands will walk some six thousand steps per day during their daily activities such as shopping, commuting to and from work and household activities.


Each HC represents one euro cent in the shop, which currently offers gift cards for various chains and WUR T-shirts and sweaters. A quick calculation tells us that earning a WUR sweater for this winter would require earning 4190 HCs (value €34,95 + €6,95 shipping), so it would be wise to start soon. Earning a WUR sweater using FitterUp requires almost 20 very active weeks. If you start now, you may expect to be able to buy a sweater in week 47, end of November, in the most favourable situation. If they are still available by then.

‘These sweaters were always extremely popular in the Fitcoins shop’, says Eline Degen, vitality advisor. ‘They appear to be more expensive than in the Unigear webshop because the total cost in health coins includes shipping. If employees prefer a wider or different range of rewards, we would love to hear about it. We are open to suggestions.’

The points system is still not definitive. Degen: ‘Scaling up is much easier than scaling down. The new app has only just launched. Now we can turn the various dials to optimise user experiences.’

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  1. Dear resource,

    The maximum amount of HealthCoins that can be earned in a week is actually only 212. There is a maximum of 100 HC rewarded for meeting both weekly goals, not 2 * 75. This means you need nearly 20 very active weeks to save up for a sweater.


  2. Hi Stefan,

    You’re totally right. We’ve changed the numbers in the article. I’m quite sure the sentence (about the total weekly reward being 100 coins) wasn’t there before the weekend, but I’ll check that with Eline Degen.