WU plummets in QS-ranking

Wageningen University drops 29 steps on the world ranking.
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The university has taken quite a step back on the renowned  QS World University Rankings 2024. The organisation drops from place 124 to 151, the same spot it occupied a decade ago. The drop is caused by the addition of three new categories, which are included in the score.

Sustainability, international network and the demand for alumni in the employment market are now included in the QS. WUR scores an excellent 97.8 out of 100 points for international partnerships. Sustainability at WUR scores an acceptable 71.5 out of 100 points, although the 118th place in this category is nowhere near the top. The category sustainability includes to what degree research contributes to achieving the UN sustainability goals.

Graph QS World University Rankings


The score WUR achieves regarding the position and impact of alumni on the employment market is average at best. The impact is measured by, among other criteria, the number of top societal positions alumni have. Out of the maximum of 100, WUR scores a meagre 19 points, dropping from the top 300 within this category. WUR’s total score amounts to 51.3 out of 100.


In addition to the three new categories, the six remaining categories have stayed the same: number of citations, number of students, academic reputation and staff-student ratio. Delft is the best Dutch university in the 47th position, followed by the UvA (53) and Utrecht (107). No other Dutch university dropped by as much as WU.

The QS-ranking also lists universities according to their research domains. In that list, Wageningen’s agriculture and forestry research has topped the list since 2016. Environmental sciences (second place) and development studies (8th) are positioned high on the list. Both have scored higher than ever before.

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