Atlas evacuated due to suspicious package (update)

False alarm. Closer investigation revealed that the package contained a wasp or bee.
Brandweerlieden buiten bij Atlas Photo Resource

On Tuesday in the late afternoon, a WUR employee found a suspicious package in the mailbox at Atlas (on the Mansholtlaan side), a package that did not look like the usual mail. This was reported and on the advice of the police, the emergency services arrived, carrying out their standard procedure. Head of in-house emergency response team (BHV) Sjef Moling: “The Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service checked the package using X-ray. It was easy to see that it contained a bee or a wasp. This is strange, but not dangerous, so they scaled down the operation.” Was it a signal or message from someone? “We don’t know yet. Was it a helpful Dutch person who thinks WUR could use a bee from the garden or something for research? No idea. That is what we are trying to find out.”

News from Tuesday 10 May:

A suspicious package in the late afternoon on Tuesday, in a mailbox outside the Atlas building. Security services, including the fire brigade and the Defence Explosives Ordnance Disposal Service, investigated the situation according to standard procedures. In the process, Atlas was evacuated. “As a precaution, because they were looking at the content of the package,” a WUR spokesperson said.

As of the time of writing (6.20 p.m.), the cordon tapes have been removed; the investigation revealed that it was a false alarm.

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