De Bongerd gym to be completely renovated

Almost all of the equipment will be replaced, and the athletics track will also be renovated.
Photo Marte Hofsteenge

The extensive renovation of the gym at Sports Centre de Bongerd is to begin on 12 June. ‘All of the current equipment will be removed’, says Henri ten Klooster, head of the sports centre. ‘A new floor will be constructed, and we acquired new equipment that matches the needs of our athletes and all the developments in the fitness industry. Only the weight training equipment in the Nautilus zone will remain, as that section was constructed in 2020 and is still in excellent condition.’

The new equipment will be similar to the equipment currently available in the gym. ‘Some new machines will be added, increasing our range.’ A large portion of the floor will be reserved for the so-called FunXion section. ‘That is the central floor where functional training sessions are organised’, Ten Klooster clarifies. ‘Small group sessions focussing on full body strength training, for example. We will continue to focus on small groups to ensure the correct amount of supervision. Thus, we can help our athletes work out responsibly.’

A permanent outdoor fitness facility in the location of the current bouldering wall is a new addition. Ten Klooster: ‘This idea emerged during the covid pandemic when we started to facilitate daily outdoor fitness sessions. That worked really well, so we want to offer this addition on a permanent basis. The outdoor gym will focus on strength training, with squatting cages as a start.’


The gym will be emptied of all equipment on 7 and 8 June, just before the start of the Great National Student Championships (GNSK), which is to be held in Wageningen from 9 to and including 11 June. ‘That enables us to organise the strength section in the gym during the championships’, says Ten Klooster. The renovation will begin after the GNSK. The old equipment has been sold and will probably be exported after being refurbished. The new gym is to be completed on 23 July.

A temporary gym facility will be made available in sports hall 4c to enable the 4200 (!) gym users to continue their training. The athletics track will undergo extensive maintenance once the gym is completed in July and August. The track’s top layer must be replaced. The existing top layer may be recycled.

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