GNSK in Wageningen

Wageningen is to organise the Great Dutch Student Championship (GNSK).
The GNSK in 2018 in Wageningen. Photo Guy Ackermans

The GNSK is to take place from Friday, 9 to and including Sunday, 11 June 2023. The last edition of the GNSK in Wageningen was in 2018.

The student championships were initially planned to take place in Nijmegen due to Radboud University’s centennial celebration. However, the reorganisation of the facilities cluster, including the university’s sports centre, has caused Nijmegen to decline. Wageningen stepped up to organise the championship to prevent it from being cancelled.

‘We value this event and its continuation’, says Henri ten Klooster, head of sports centre De Bongerd. ‘If we lose yet another edition of the GNSK, we may lose it forever.’ The championships were cancelled in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to the covid pandemic, and of the nine committee members that organised the event in 2022, only one had experienced the event first-hand, Ten Klooster says.

Volunteers needed

The executive board supports the initiative to bring the event to Wageningen, Ten Klooster states. ‘We are permitted to use the sports centre and one of the education buildings for a party night. Our student sports associations will organise sports-specific matters. There is no formal committee, but we are still searching for people willing to help organise the event or act as volunteers during the event.’ Thirty months in FOS support in the amount of 347 euros per month have been made available, Ten Klooster adds.

Help is needed to organise all aspects of the camping and to set up and execute a sustainable catering plan in collaboration with the campus catering services, says Ten Klooster. ‘A fantastic opportunity to develop your organisational and planning skills.’

Click here for photographs of the 2018 GNSK in Wageningen.

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