Volt wins in Wageningen

Volt, not BBB, surprisingly dominates the Wageningen political arena.
Illustration Alle Cijfers.nl

With 12 per cent of all votes, this new party matches PvdA. Despite a minor drop in votes, GroenLinks remains Wageningen’s largest party, with 21 per cent of all votes.

It was the first time Volt joined the Provincial Council elections in Wageningen. The party did not feature in the Municipal Council elections of last year, although it was a candidate in the national elections for the House of Representatives one year earlier. The party then scored 8 per cent of the votes, making it the fourth party in Wageningen. Its current percentage is considerably higher.


D66 shows the greatest decline and moved from second to fourth place. The PvdD shows a steady increase, both locally and nationally. It is now the fifth party in Wageningen, just behind D66 but still ahead of newcomer BBB. The spectacular advance of the party at a national level is not reflected in the ‘agriculture’ hub Wageningen.  


CDA, CU and SP all lost votes, but all three have only a small number of constituents in Wageningen. Forum, which came in fifth in 2019, has been decimated. With 69 per cent, the turnout is at an all-time high. In 2019, Wageningen’s turnout was also the highest. In 1987, 36 years ago, the turnout was several per cent higher.

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