Unions demand a 14.3 per cent salary increase

Teachers’ unions presented their joint demands for a new collective labour agreement (cao) for universities yesterday.
The unions demand a salary increase of 14.3 per cent to match the inflation percentage reported by the Central Statistics Agency last October. Photo Unsplash/Imelda

Unions demand a 14.3 per cent salary increase and more permanent contracts.

University personnel saw their salaries increased by 4 per cent last year. ‘This correction has evaporated due to last year’s immense inflation’, says Jan Boersma, administrator of FNV Education and Research. Hence, he and other teachers’ unions call for a 14.3 per cent raise this year to match the inflation reported by the Central Statistics Agency last October. Moreover, salaries should automatically increase as prices rise.

Thus states the joint input the unions FNV, AOb, CNV and FBZ, presented to the employers on Tuesday. The unions FNV and Aob joined protest groups Casual Academy, WOinActie, PNN, Postdocnl and 0.7 in presenting a petition against temporary contracts. The petition was signed by 1400 people.

Temporary contracts

‘Universities want to have their cake and eat it too, and have benefited from their employees’ loyalty and intrinsic motivation for years’, Boersma adds.

Temporary contracts with unfavourable conditions complicate the work of researchers and teachers. The unions want universities to reduce the number of temporary contracts. The percentage of temporary contracts among teachers who have no research duties must be lowered from 80 to 15 per cent. They must be given a permanent contract after having served one year under a temporary contract. Thus, the unions aim to amend the current situation where employees perform structural tasks under temporary contracts.

Transgender leave

Moreover, work pressure must be lowered to prevent absenteeism. For teachers, formulating clearer standards on the number of teaching duties and the number of teachers per course could help. ‘Supporting staff and researchers must be given more realistic work assignments, and the publication standards must be lowered’, Boersma clarifies.

The joint bid includes guidelines on issues related to diversity and inclusion. The proposal calls for transgender leave and leave for women during their menopause. A national ombuds hotline should be instated for those who are fearful of reporting to their institute’s ombudsperson.

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