Christmas holiday in Wageningen: 7 tips

Afraid of being bored at Christmas? No need to worry.
On the ice at Forum, last winter. Photo Guy Ackermans

Don’t have the time, money or desire to go home for the Christmas holidays? Sure, it’s nice for once to not have to share your kitchen with ten flatmates, but after a few days, things can get awfully quiet. Resource collected the seven most fun activities for the dark days around Christmas.

Go for a Christmas walk – 24 December

Hanging out at the park may not be an obvious thing to do in December, but on 24 December, it’s well worth it. With a living nativity scene, fire pits and hot chocolate, the Torckpark will be above-average lovely this Saturday night. Stroll around and warm yourself by the fire. More information can be found here.

Exchange your Christmas gift – 24 December

At the Superette, you can come and swap your gifts just in time for Christmas. If you want to declutter but are not keen to see your beautiful book/plant/painting go to waste, why not donate it at the Christmas market? And if you still need to find a gift for your cousin, but you’ve spent all your money on the energy bill, come and pick up a free gift! You can also get your skates sharpened or eat waffles all afternoon at the Christmas market. Click here for more information.

Go dancing – 23 December or 1 January

Do you feel like moving and meeting some people? At 10 p.m. on 23 December, come and join us for a wild Global Grooves party at Loburg, with Latin, reggae and hip-hop music. Also at Loburg, come and join us for a dance and some champagne from 12.15 midnight on New Year’s Eve. Loburg’s agenda can be found here.

Go mountain biking – 27 December

On 27 December, the Wageningen cycling club is organising a mountain bike tour. The trail is 60 or 45 kilometres, and will take you over the Wageningse Berg, through the woods near Renkum, and across the Eden heath. This activity is free of charge, and you’ll get a free drink at the end. We would appreciate it if you could register in advance.

Come and play board games – 8 January

Bring your favourite game, or be surprised by what others bring. At 12.30 noon on 8 January, join us at ThuisWageningen to play board games. A donation is welcome. Click here for more information.

Watch a film on the big screen

Movie-W is showing several great films and documentaries during the Christmas holidays, including one about a Zimbabwean wine-tasting team, one about a Russian cellist, and one about the creation of the most moving song ever: Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen. The agenda can be found here.

Paint, bake biscuits, play ping-pong, or do something else that’s fun

WUR is organising a number of open activities during both holiday weeks, for which you need to register in advance. There is also a WhatsApp group you can sign up for, to exchange ideas for activities and arrange meetings.

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