Idealis to make major investment in buildings

Asserpark is the first to be remodelled with extra meeting spaces.
Asserpark. Photo Roelof Kleis

Idealis is to invest 80 million over the next ten years to remodel and make existing real estate more sustainable. The oldest star-shaped building Asserpark is the first to come under construction in a year, followed by Hoevestein in 2026. A noteworthy renewal plan is an intent to create extra spaces where students can meet, study or host a birthday party.

This was announced by Idealis director Bart van As in a clarification on the Idealis business plan for 2023-2026. Each corridor will be provided with an additional meeting space next to the communal kitchen. This extra space will be made possible by sacrificing either the laundry room, one of the existing seven rooms, or both. A laundromat on the building’s ground floor would then enable students to do their laundry.

Continued occupation

In addition to an extra living room in each wing, a large meeting space will be created on the ground floor. The existing apartment bar will remain. According to Van As, students will be able to continue occupying their rooms during the construction work, which will likely be rolled out per floor. Next to added meeting spaces, the buildings will be made more sustainable. Idealis aims to be CO2-neutral in 2035.

Corridors with 10 or 18 units are far too large. Students of the future will no longer want that

Bart van As, director Idealis

In the longer term, Dijkgraaf will also be overhauled. ‘The exploitation of Dijkgraaf ends in 2027. The corridors with 10 to 18 units are far too large. Students of the future will no longer want that.’ Whether the building will be demolished, as was done with Rijsteeg, remains to be seen. ‘We will investigate remodelling options first.’

Different quality

By investing in the buildings, Idealis aims to offer ‘different quality for a different future.’ According to Van As, today’s youths have different housing wishes, while education has changed through online learning and increased (international) exchanges. These developments call for other housing. Moreover, Idealis intends to investigate whether its target group may include (working) youngsters in the future rather than just students.

In addition to investing in remodelling, Idealis is to invest a further 200 million in new real estate over the coming years. In addition to the already planned construction for Born-Oost (along the Mansholtlaan) and expansion along the Bornsesteeg, Van As is looking for a suitable location for a building containing some 300 units in 2028/2029. The Costerweg complex of 265 units is expected to be opened in February 2023.

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