Rowing club Argo organizes new regatta

Argonauts plan Spiegelwaal Regatta with Nijmegen and Eindhoven student rowing clubs.
Rowers in action during the Argo Sprint. Photo by Roos van Delden

It will be a triathlon, which means the participants will row three distances: four kilometres, two kilometres and five hundred metres. The first ever Spiegelwaal Regatta is scheduled for the weekend of 29 and 30 April 2023.

The Spiegelwaal Regatta is named after the stretch of water on which the triathlon will take place: the Spiegelwaal near Nijmegen. Argo is organizing the regatta with Phocas, Nijmegen’s student rowing club and Eindhoven’s club, Theta. Argo chair Luwe Groot: ‘It is great that we are going to run another race besides as the Argo Sprint and the Argo Autumn Final. All first-year racing teams from the Dutch student rowing world must participate in this competition. This will guarantee that a lot of people start.’ According to Groot, the rowing federation wants to organize more attractive and varied races throughout the Netherlands. ‘Most races are held on the Amstel and the Bosbaan near Amsterdam or on the Willem-Alexanderbaan near Rotterdam. Our location makes it more attractive for German or Belgian teams to participate. And the fact that it is a triathlon in a period when most races revolve around the two kilometre race is good for providing some variety.’


There is one more condition to meet before the race can actually be held though, says Groot. ‘Phocas is building a new boathouse on the Speigelwaal. It is important that it is completed soon, so we can organize a nice race. Around a boathouse, you can do some proper catering. Otherwise, there’s a bigger risk of making a loss, and we don’t want that. But once the boathouse is finished, it’ll all be all right.’ Construction of the boathouse has now started.

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