Art and culture magazine for Wageningen

A group of Wageningen students and inhabitants launch Uitwaaien magazine. Content is welcome.
Collage for Uitwaaien Magazine A collage from the editorial team of Uitwaaien (c) Uitwaaien magazine

A group of Wageningen inhabitants, both students and non-students, is launching a new Wageningen magazine for art and culture. The magazine is to be called Uitwaaien.

Fernando Gabriel Garcia Teruel, a master’s student of Biosystems Engineering and a member of the Student Council, is one of the initiators. ‘We aim to create a platform for Wageningen inhabitants to share their art: from writing to painting, and from sculpting to dance’, he explains.

‘As initiators of Uitwaaien, we want to bridge the gap between university life and city life. These two lives are often separated. We hope to bring the two communities closer together with the magazine’, says Susan van Weperen, a master’s student of Health and Society. She adds that a lack of platforms for creative expression was another reason to launch Uitwaaien.


The Dutch word ‘uitwaaien’ (for which there is no English translation, but ‘taking the fresh air’ and ‘blowing out the cobwebs’ come close) was chosen as a name for the magazine. ‘The magazine is a place for all things that refresh the human mind and give readers a feeling of “uitwaaien”’, says Pieris Pinguinos Kalligeros, a master’s student of Biosystems Engineering. ‘We want to help people momentarily forget the daily grind and soak up art and culture. It will be legendary’, promises Edmundio Bell, a master’s student of Biosystems Engineering.

The first edition is expected in September. The editorial board is still looking for people who are interested in working on the magazine or who wish to show their artwork in it. Uitwaaien can be reached through or via @Uitwaaienmag on Instagram.

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