Consultation Young Academy on distribution of research funds

Seeking a clear view of the future of research funding.
Mok met opschrift: The Young Academy calls on (young and experienced) scientists to share their opinion. Photo Steve Johnson / Unsplash

Much has been said and written about the future of science and the distribution of budgets. Most recently by NWO chair Marcel Levi (in Dutch). But what are the views of the researchers themselves? Should funds go towards more permanent contracts, more grants for excellent researchers, or more team research? The Young Academy organises a national consultation on this issue.

The Young Academy designed a consultation that puts scientists in the position of policymakers. The choices governments make are mimicked in an online environment. How much of the available budget should go towards what? Each option shows the success rate, how long the application process will take and what can be achieved with the option.


Participants can motivate and detail their choices. The underlying idea is that this will show what values, concerns and opportunities the scientists see. They can also give their opinion on changes that they feel should be made, separate from funding, to improve science. Thus, young and experienced scientists can advise university managers and politicians on the future of science funding in the Netherlands, the Young Academy states.

The consultation is available online until and including 1 July 2022. The consultation uses the Delft method that was previously used in consultations on the  Climate policy and the easing of covid measures, the so-called Participative Value Evaluation.

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