Ukrainian fundraising dinner completely sold out

PhD student Andriy Volkov collects thousands of euros for Ukraine.
Andriy Volkov, is sister and the rest of the cooking team at het Rad van Wageningen. Photo Guy Ackermans

Andriy Volkov and his friends had expected quite a few people at the dinner he organised yesterday to raise money for Ukraine, but they had not expected this. All the food sold out. They had to cancel orders and send people home who were still queuing outside. Almost 3000 euro was collected.

Volkov is from Ukraine and doing a PhD at WUR. Last week his sister and a friend arrived in Wageningen, fleeing from the war. We were eager to do something to help from here. ‘The Wageningen community is very international, and I thought they would be open to a Ukrainian dinner. But I didn’t expect it to be such a success. We sold about 140 meals, and there was a line of 15 meters outside the door.’


Today they are “completely trashed” and taking a break after having worked non-stop yesterday from early in the morning until late at night. Still, tomorrow they will start preparing a new event. ‘We will be at the market on Saturday with a selection of Ukrainian dishes. We will cook even more this time, so we don’t run out! All proceeds will again go to charity.’

The money raised will be split between Come Back Alive, a Ukrainian NGO that supports the army with clothing and medical supplies, and grassroots organisations in western Ukraine that provide humanitarian aid to the massive influx of refugees.

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