Hula hooping, frisbee and more sports on the campus

Revitalise during one the De Bongerd’s sports workshops.
The Animal Flow workshop, inspired by the way animals move. Photo Guy Ackermans

The campus is slowly emerging from its lockdown hibernation. Sports Centre De Bongerd organises free workshops in the early afternoon for students wanting to get refreshed in between classes.

This month you can join without registering for short sessions of Tjoek-ball, Frisbee of Hula-hoop on Monday through to Thursday. The workshops start on the half and whole hours between 12.30 and 14.30 on the terrain between Atlas and Forum.

Esther Klein Hesselink facilitates the Animal Flow workshop. ‘This introduces students to a domain of sports that invites us to move in ways to which our bodies are no longer accustomed, but which is, in fact, very natural. It demands we move on hands and feet, using muscles that may have become slightly rusty.’ Various floor exercises are linked together into a flow of movement. ‘An animal dance that is playful while also improving your strength, balance, coordination and endurance. Because it also helps you focus on your body, rather than your mind, it is the perfect break activity.’

Check out the programme here.

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