The student association has reopened

Student associations are permitted to reopen.
Drinks are once again possible. Photo SSR-W

COVID measures still apply, similar to the ones that apply to the catering sector. This means a COVID pass is needed. Guests must wear face masks until they are seated and must remain seated.

The chairs of the Wageningen student associations are delighted with the news. ‘The news is always leaked a few days before the press conference, so we saw it coming, but still, you remain wary’, says Anne van der Molen, SSR-W chair. ‘When we heard we were permitted to open until ten p.m., there were cries of relief in the boardroom.’

‘We experienced it all this board year’, says Djoeke Dankloff, chair of KSV Franciscus. ‘Ranging from social distancing to fully opened with a QR-check to completely closed during the lockdown. We are delighted to be able to open again and with a brighter perspective. The board often works in the office from nine to five to keep the association running and design policies. Still, ultimately, we do what we do for the members. So, I really look forward to seeing their happy faces again and to experience the fruits of our labour.’


Cheerfulness abounds at WSV Ceres. ‘The doors will reopen, great. We do not expect many guests today as we are in the middle of the exam week. So, it won’t be too busy just yet, but I expect more people on Friday.’

Drinks are once again possible, but it is too early for large parties. ‘That is impossible within the current measures, as face masks are mandatory when moving through the building, and we must maintain a one-and-a-half-metre distance. So, it is still different from a few months ago when only a QR-check was required, everyone was allowed in, and COVID almost seemed to be behind us. But these are the first steps, and that is great for now. We can have drinks again.’


The chairs hope full-on partying will be possible again soon. ‘It would be great if things take a turn for the better by the end of March’, Penders says. ‘We have a three-day event planned then, including a sports day and an open party. For now, with caveats.’

SSR-W is more cautious. ‘We moved the celebration of our lustrum week from March to May’, Van der Molen says. ‘That way, we increase our options to have a really great celebration. I am really looking forward to the day the bar can be filled up again, and we can organise spectacular parties. We aren’t there yet, but we are moving in the right direction.’

Drinks. Foto SSR-W

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