Back on campus, with a medical-grade facemask

Face-to-face education on the campus resumes as of today. But the requirements for facemasks have become stricter.
Back on the campus with a facemask. Illustration Alfred Heikamp/Guy Ackermans

A facemask is now mandatory at all times, including during lectures, self-study and exams.

A facemask is mandatory for everyone at all times, with the exception of teachers during their teaching activities, provided they can maintain a 1.5-metre distance. The use of medical-grade facemasks is strongly recommended. The university will provide staff and students with such facemasks in all its buildings from 18 January to and including at least 28 January.

Whether or not classes are offered on campus is up to the course coordinators. They decide whether education will remain online in the last two weeks of period three or be moved offline and to the campus. Although teachers are not required to offer online alternatives to their lectures, the university has asked them to do so anyway, as some courses have as much as twenty per cent of their students confined to their rooms in quarantine. Students who are unsure whether they can come to the campus can do the ‘Can I Come to Campus’-check designed by WUR in collaboration with the GGD (municipal health services).

De Bongerd

The stricter requirements for facemasks apply to everyone on the campus. When two or more people share an office, a facemask is always required. The only exception is in laboratories where the safety regulations prohibit wearing facemasks. A facemask is not required outdoors. In the open air, a maximum of four persons may gather in keeping with the 1.5-metre distancing requirement. SportsCentre De Bongerd is also open for workouts, subject to conditions.

Check out all of the latest WUR corona guidelines here.

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