Online/offline: tired of switching

The university is to reopen. How does this make students feel?
Photos Susan van Weperen

Students can finally return to face-to-face lectures. Is that good news, or has online education become so normal that students have become indifferent? Student editor Susan van Weperen went to the campus for Resource and asked students to comment.

Text: Susan van Weperen

Ellen van der Kolk (23) – master’s student Food Technology

If there is a slow speaker in a lecture, I can speed it up

‘To me, the combination of studying from home and face-to-face lectures is ideal, and I expect it will remain so. That is great, as it allows me to choose whether I want to attend a lecture live or online. At home is pleasant because I can speed up the video if a teacher is a slow speaker. Similarly, if the pace is too high for me, I can hit pause. In a live lecture, you don’t have these options. I do hope we will return to having lectures and practicals on the campus, as I really do miss that. An online practical is not much fun as you have only assignments and no real experiments.’

Marjolyne Niesing (22) – bachelor student Business and Consumer Sciences

‘I study much better when surrounded by other people

‘I am much better able to study when I am surrounded by fellow students, so I am happy we can return to the campus. Moreover, one of the strengths of the university is motivating each other to become smarter and think critically. On the campus, you can discuss with others and exchange ideas. This aspect is largely lost online. I am really looking forward to communicating face to face. That also makes it easier to strike up a conversation with the teachers. That is much more difficult online.’

Steve Prabawa (27) – master’s student Food  Technology 

I lack a decent chair in my student room’ 

‘I am tired of constantly switching from online education to offline education. I am most productive when studying on campus. I see “home”, as the place where I relax and sleep. Thus, the campus is where I am most concentrated. The facilities are also better than at home. I don’t have a proper chair and desk in my student room, while these are readily available at the university. It makes no difference to me personally whether the university is open or not, because I come to the campus anyway.’

Lisan Duijvestijn (23) – master’s student Management Economics and Consumer Studies 

‘I miss seeing my friends and my social life at the university’ 

‘You get used to online classes, but it will be nice to have the option of coming to the campus again!

Being able to choose is ideal. I really miss my friends and social life at the university, and I look forward to seeing everyone on the campus again. But it will take some getting used to, as I am now able to plan my day. Soon, we will have to be present at a fixed time…’ 

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