OMT: ‘Wear a facemask during crowded lectures’

The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) recommends wearing facemasks during crowded lectures.
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When students and teachers return to the campus, they should wear facemasks during crowded lectures with many attendees, the Outbreak Management Team advice states.

The infection numbers are extremely high, the OMT states (links to Dutch content) in a letter directed at the Ministry of Public Health. And, although fewer people are hospitalised with the Omicron variant, the high numbers of infected still put significant pressure on the health care system.

Larger groups

Thus, the OMT recommends wearing facemasks in crowded shopping areas as well as for all public interior spaces for everyone over the age of thirteen. This recommendation also applies to education offered to ‘larger groups’ at universities and university colleges.

Why the advice does not also apply to education in smaller groups, during exams or in libraries is not entirely clear, the OMT was not available to comment.


Moreover, the OMT recommends the exclusive use of medical-grade facemasks, the well-known blue and white disposable masks. Non-medical facemasks made of a variety of materials offer insufficient protection, according to the OMT.

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