New route to the campus

Cyclists from Bennekom to gain access to the campus directly from the Grintweg.
The new bike lane from the Grintweg. Photo: Roelof Kleis

The new cycling route to the campus leads from the Bijenhuis along the Grintweg across the future business park Born-Oost to the campus.

This is detailed in the draft land-use plan for  Born-Oost, which is now available. The new route will replace the previous option along the Houtwal. The residents there are vehemently opposed to a cycling lane in front of their homes.


The new solution is part of a deal. The lane will be constructed on the property of the owner of Grintweg 277. Who, in return, may open a B&B and rent two rooms to students, as well as being permitted to construct a house elsewhere on the plot. The new trajectory will connect the future fast cycling lane between Ede and Wageningen, which is to be constructed along the Grintweg, with the campus.

The Born-Oost business park

The Born-Oost draft land-use plan steers the development of a new business park linked to WUR on the eastern side of the Mansholtlaan. Here, WUR will develop 80,000 (gross) square metres in business activities. The area in question is the area around NIOO, where so-called knowledge-intensive businesses are to set up shop. In the southern corner, Idealis will erect a student housing complex.


The height of the student housing complex in the plan is new. Originally, the building with 250 rooms was to reach a height of 22 metres. Residents of the Grintweg feared this would compromise the privacy of their backyards. By way of compromise, the complex will surrender one floor and become 18 metres in height. It will, however, become slightly wider in order to offer rooms for 250 students.

With the plan now being published (next week Thursday), the formal planning procedure has started. Objections may be submitted to the municipality until 26 January. The plan includes a description of the so-called image quality. The council will discuss it in January.

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