(Less than) a quarter of WUR professors is female

But the percentage shows a steady increase and is now 21.7 per cent.
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For the first time ever, over one-quarter of the professors at Dutch universities is female. This news was divulged last week by the Female Professor Monitor, based on data from 2020. WUR scores below this average, but the numbers are increasing.

Last year, Wageningen University employed 20.9 per cent female professors, this year, that number has risen to 21.7 per cent. WUR now has 17 female chair holders, professors who manage a chair group, and a further 17 personal professors.

Expected increase

The majority of the latter group have successfully completed the Wageningen tenure track. The percentage of female professors increased steadily. In 2015, 12.2 per cent of the professors was a woman, in 2018 16.9 per cent, and this year 21.7 per cent.

This percentage is expected to increase in the coming years. The number of female associate professors has also increased in recent years to over 32 per cent. Some of them may expect to be appointed personal professors in the coming years. WUR strives to have 30 per cent female professors in 2025.


Like last year, the Open University leads with 42 per cent female professors, making it the first university to cross the 40 per cent threshold. Delft Technical University closes the ranks with only 17.9 per cent female professors. Delft is also the only university that failed to reach the 20 per cent female professor mark.

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