Fast bike lane Ede-campus

A fast lane to the campus to make cycling safer.
The Kierkamperweg / Mansholtlaan crossing. Note the cyclist going against the flow of traffic. Photo Roelof Kleis

The fast bicycle lane is being constructed to make cycling from Ede to Wageningen faster and safer. A special exit to the campus facilitates those travelling by train.

Thus was decided by Gelderland province, the municipalities of Ede and Wageningen and the Cyclists Union. Construction is to start mid-2022, with the campus exit.

The lane will be separated from the road along the Kierkamperweg in Bennekom. There are currently two narrow cycling lanes on the road,  and cyclists frequently ride against the direction of oncoming traffic to circumnavigate the traffic lights at the Mansholtlaan. A new, four-metre-wide lane on the south side is to improve the safety of this situation.

Bicycle road

The new route leads from Ede centre, via the train station, Edeseweg, Bennekom and the Grintweg to the Nijenoordallee. From there, along Hoevestein and the Churchillweg to Wageningen centre. Bicycle lanes will be made wider, and cyclists will have the right-of-way on as many crossings as possible.

Several roads will become designated cycling roads. This means the road is designed specifically for cyclists, and cars are considered “guests”. The tarmac will be red, and the lanes are to be illuminated. A new, uneven crossing for cyclists will be constructed at Ede-Wageningen train station. At some locations in Ede, the path will be embellished with flowering verges and trees.


Each day, some 5000 cyclists travel between Ede and Wageningen to work, school or the university. Moreover, this number is steadily increasing. Censuses show that some 7500 cyclists pass the busiest section every day. The new lane will cost as much as 21 million euros, half of which is to be paid by Ede city, one third by Gelderland province, and the remainder will be contributed by Wageningen and the government.

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