New restrictions, teaching still in person

WUR is keeping a close eye on discussions about a possible Covid pass.
Studenten in  Aurora. Students in Aurora. Photo Guy Ackermans.

Universities are once again feeling the effects of the coronavirus measures. In-person teaching will continue but with a maximum of 75 students per classroom. The work-from-home rule now applies more strictly.

As of 13 November, a maximum applies of 75 students (excluding staff) in any room, except for exams. The Association of Universities (VSNU) has announced that classes scheduled in the evening can go ahead. The advice on working from home is to do so unless this is impossible. Researchers and lecturers can still come to the university for research and teaching that has to take place there. ‘Face masks should be worn when moving around,’ says the VSNU. ‘Walking routes will be marked and ventilation checked regularly.’ The recommendation to do a self-test twice a week remains in force, and tests can still be ordered.


WUR too is keeping to these rules and will update students and staff today. ‘Education will remain in-person,’ the WUR spokesperson tells Resource, ‘because it is important to do as much as possible face to face. Social distancing is not mandatory in education but we try to keep 1.5 metres distance where possible. We are also keeping a close eye on discussions between the VSNU and the ministry of Education about the possible introduction of a Covid pass in education.’

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