[no]WURries: Broke

‘I’m glad we can party again, but it’s affecting my bank balance.’

Free activities

‘Understandable that you want to make use of all the possibilities there are now the Covid measures have been relaxed. To limit your spending, I would advise you to swap activities that cost money for things that are free or cheap. Go for a walk with your friends, for instance, or play sports, play board games, watch a film or cook together. That way you can maintain your social life and still have enough money left. Take the initiative and propose one of those free activities; or talk about this with your friends and open up the subject.’

Roselinde van Nee, PhD student of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Job on the side

‘Look for a nice weekend job. Then you will earn a bit of extra money and on weekdays you’ll have both the time and the money to take part in fun activities.’

Bas Volkert, Bachelor’s student of Business and Consumer Sciences


‘It is quite possible that your money doesn’t just go on partying, but also on unnecessary costs. Keep track of your spending for a month on paper or on your phone. Then you’ll discover exactly how much you spend on fixed costs, groceries, sport and leisure activities, and you’ll see where you could save money. Instead of shopping every evening, or when you get hungry, shop just once a week with a shopping list. Then you’ll avoid impulse buys and stick to the items you really need. Good luck!’

Nicole van ’t Wout Hofland, online editor

Fixed buget

‘Set a budget for each social activity beforehand. For example, before a night at the pub or a party at a student society, make an agreement with yourself not to spend more than 20 euros that evening. You could even consider leaving your bankcard at home and only bringing cash, so you will not overspend. This approach takes discipline, but it will make you more conscious of how much money you spend and how many drinks you can allow yourself.’

Klaas Daalderop, Master’s student of Urban Environmental Management

Store-bought drinks

Not everyone has the same means, and it can be tricky to follow your wealthier friends around if your bank account cannot keep up. If most of your spending is on beer and other drinks, I suggest partying – or at least starting the party – at home with cheaper store-bought drinks. That way you buy fewer when you are out. When you go out dancing at a club, carry a small bottle of water in case you get thirsty.’

Chloe Girka, Master’s student of Geo-Information Science

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