In the picture: The ideal workplace

Clementine Sluijsmans asked her colleagues to make a little box about this theme.
Clementine Sluijsmans bij de kijkdozen in de hal van Atlas. Clementine Sluijsmans standing next to the mini exhibition in Atlas. Photo Roelof Kleis

What does your ideal workplace look like and can you portray it in a box? This was the surprising question Clementine Sluijsmans put to 29 colleague-members of the WUR Council.

The group includes young (21) and old (65) and six different nationalities from all parts of the organization. The boxes are wooden Ikea boxes with a glass lid that make ideal display cabinets. The results of this art project are on show in a small exhibition in the Atlas lobby. Sluijsmans, who was until recently a receptionist in Atlas, sees this as her farewell gift to WUR. Has Covid changed our relationship with the workplace for good? What surroundings let you perform optimally? What is their look and feel? The 29 mini display cabinets give some creative answers, ranging from realistic to abstract. Worth a peep.

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