[no]WURries: how to tackle this hospiteren?

I’m not successful with this hospiteren business. How should I tackle this?

Be yourself

‘I have just moved from Maastricht to Wageningen to do a minor here, so I know the problem. I was lucky enough to find a room through the hospiteren process. The main tip I would like to offer from my own experience is just to be yourself during the evening. That will also help you see whether it’s the right house for you. Tell people plenty about yourself, but don’t take up all the attention. Good luck!’

Tessa Geurts, BSc minorstudent Psychobiology of Eating Behaviour

No gifts

‘The point of hospiteren is to find out whether it clicks between you and the residents of the house. That’s important, because you will live there for most of your time at uni. Talk about what you enjoy, such as your sport or hobby. Then you will come across as enthusiastic and cheerful. It’s also a good way to control your nerves. But make sure you don’t talk all the time. Ask the residents questions too and take an interest in them. Focus your attention on the residents, however tempting it is to start talking to the other candidates because you are all in the same boat. Lastly: don’t take any gifts along. That is embarrassing for the residents and it feels forced.’

Anouk van der Windt, BSc student of Biotechnology


‘To start with, make sure you’ve got a nice photo of yourself on social media because the impression you make there can affect the decision whether to invite you. If you are invited, treat it like any other formal appointment and arrive on time. That’s the first impression people get of you. Make sure you’ve got the phone number on you so you can call if you can’t find the house. It can be tempting to say politically correct things during the evening, and to say you are never noisy and always do your washing up. But only say that if it’s really true!  Be honest, make eye contact with everyone, and a little humour goes a long way. Good luck!”

Jacob Zornu, masterstudent Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management


‘I reckon the two most important dos are: 1. Be honest. Don’t say anything because you think it’s what the others want to hear. Be open about who you are, what you expect from the house and what they can expect from you. 2. It is nerve-racking to be assessed, but try to enjoy the evening as well, and to see it just as a conversation with cool strangers. But whatever you do, no advice is failsafe and there’s always an element of luck in finding a room.  So good luck!’

M.V., MSc student of Biotechnology (name known to the editors)


‘My best tip is: always be yourself. During hospiteren a lot of people give ‘desirable’ answers, but you never know what the house residents are looking for. And a lot of people see through phony answers: there really aren’t many people who love washing up and cleaning and tidying. If you try to show them who you are without exaggerating or being attention-seeking, you’ll stand the biggest chance of a good match and a good time in a student house.’

Coretta Jongeling, online coordinator at Resource (been through hospiteren six times)

Do you have advice or tips for this Wurrier? Or could you use some good advice yourself? Email your tips or your question (100 words max) by 25 September to resource@wur.nl, subject line noWURries.

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