Vaccination on campus

Students and PhD candidates can get vaccinated in the GGD-bus on campus.
Vaccination on campus.

Students, staff and Wageningen inhabitants can get vaccinated in the mobile vaccination post of the GGD on campus. This service is available until five-thirty PM this afternoon. Some 35 vaccinations have already been administered.

There are flags near Forum that read ‘Vaccination’. In between the flags is the fifteen-metre long GGD bus where people can obtain their first or second jab. Behind the bus, there is a tent where the newly-vaccinated can take the customary fifteen minutes of rest. The GGD-team is made up of a driver, a doctor, a security officer and two assistants who administer the shots. Yesterday, 21 people got their vaccine on the bus. Today, the number is 13 at 1.30 PM. ‘We want to lower the threshold as much as we can’, says a GGD employee. ‘And, we have forms in all different languages, from Chinese to Arabic.’

Full schedule

Lingrui Zhong (23), a master’s student of Management, Economics and Consumer Studies from China, is getting her first shot today. ‘I was actually supposed to go to Ede, but when I received the invitation for my vaccine I was in China, and this is so much more convenient. I have a full schedule, and now I can just drop in in between classes. If you know a little about the science behind it, there is nothing to feel about the vaccine but joy.’

Today, Thursday, 9 September, is the last day the bus is on campus. Debby Vermeer of the GGD Gelderland Midden does not know if more visits are scheduled. ‘WUR offers us a place and provides us with electricity. I don’t know if we will come again. We roam through the province. Yesterday, we were in Arnhem, and tomorrow we will set up shop in Ede.’ WUR director of education Nutrition and Health Rolf Marteijn: ‘This is the last time for now, but, as soon as the GGD says it wants to come again, we will make room. You can also surf to to book a slot for your vaccination close by – near Ede-Wageningen train station.’

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