Nearly 95 per cent of WUR students vaccinated

94.3 per cent of WUR students are or will soon be fully vaccinated.
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A total of 87.6 per cent of current students are already fully vaccinated.

Around 7 per cent of students are in the vaccination process and a further 3.6 are considering vaccination. Just 2.1 per cent do not intend getting vaccinated.

These results come from a survey among all Wageningen University students covering currently enrolled students and new first-years. 5,941 students (39.3 per cent of the student population) took part in the survey and gave permission for their information to be shared.

More, sooner, faster

This means the vaccination rate among Wageningen students is much higher than the national vaccination rate in the 18-25 age group. Nationally, just 52 per cent of this group was fully vaccinated as at 19 August, according to the public health authority RIVM’s figures for that date. More students get vaccinated, and they do so sooner and faster than others in their age group.

Wageningen students have much higher vaccination rate than others in age group

Nutrition and Health programme director Rolf Marteijn analysed the results of the survey. ‘The data show us that new non-EU students had a way to go as at 19 August. Around 80 students have been informed of the options for vaccination in the Netherlands.’ Data from the Municipal Health Service show that some of these students have since been to the jab buses where you don’t need an appointment. ‘That means they will now be in the “in vaccination process” category,’ says Marteijn.

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