WUR students in action at the Olympic Games

There are an exciting few days ahead for WUR students Emma Oosterwegel and Femke Bol.
Sara_Slott_Petersen_and_Femke_Bol_at_the_2020_Bauhaus_Galan_meeting_in_Stockholm Femke Bol (right) in Stockholm last year. Photo Bob Ramsak/Wikimedia Commons

They are competing in various athletics events at the Olympic Games.

Femke Bol (21, Communication Sciences) is competing in the hurdles and relay events. You can see her in action at 13:12 on Friday, at 2 a.m. on Saturday, and with a bit of luck, next week in the finals. Last year she set a new Dutch record in the 400 metres hurdles, and was just three hundredths of a second short of breaking the European record. So it’s exciting!

Emma Oosterwegel (23, Soil, Water, Atmosphere) runs the hurdles too, but that is not all. She will go into action in the heptathlon on Wednesday 4 August. If you want to see that live, you’ll have to stay up late: these events are at 2:30 and 3:30 in the morning.

Where to watch

NPO is broadcasting the Olympic Games live, but switches between events, so you can’t see everything. If you don’t want to miss anything, or you want to catch up on something you missed, you’ll have to rely on Eurosport, which will cost you seven euros a month.

Although Oosterwegel and Bol are students at WUR, you won’t meet them on the campus very often. They spend a lot of time at Papendal Sports Centre and in the run-up to the Olympics, training came before studying. ‘Not that I don’t value my studies, but at the moment my big priority is athletics,’ Oosterwegel told Resource in an earlier interview. And not without success!

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