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Wealth is all in the mind, says blogger Emma.
Emma Mouthaan, blogger Resource

In addition to my blogs for Resource, I also write for my personal website, Skere Student (Stingy Student), and I occasionally write or edit texts for businesses on a freelance basis. Just recently, I was editing a text for a company involved in all aspects of investment. In that text, I encountered the sentence: ‘There are both rich bus drivers and poor lawyers’.

They argued that there are bus drivers who manage to set aside a small amount to invest each month, despite their modest income. Thus, they manage to amass a small fortune over time. On the other hand, there are lawyers who spend all of their considerable income each month and thus fail to accumulate assets. According to this company’s perspective, someone’s wealth is determined by their assets. But is that true?

I feel rather wealthy, but I cannot say I am rich in assets

Personally, I feel rather wealthy, but I cannot say I am rich in assets. I do have a savings account, and my investments are currently worth some 27,000 euros. But I also have a considerable student debt that must be paid back in due time. According to the above logic, I am reasonable ‘poor’.

That I feel wealthy nonetheless is because of two things: my income and my mindset. My income is reasonably high for a student at this time. But my future earning potential is also quite good, as I have considerably more working experience than many fellow students.

But the main reason I feel wealthy has to do with my mindset. Wealth is not only having money or assets. To me, it is found in immaterial things such as relationships, friends and family, having sufficient time to do what I want and the serenity to enjoy the little things in the moment. To be honest, the latter is not easy, but I’m working on it. And it is precisely that, a mindset of growing and improving yourself, that causes me to feel rich. And, luckily, this is not affected by the value of my investments, whether they are worth 27,000 or 27 euros!

What makes you feel wealthy?

Emma Mouthaan (25) Emma Mouthaan (25) is a master’s student of Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology and is also taking a master in Writing at the VU. Emma blogs on studying and finances on the website The Stingy Student. Previously, she wrote about fashion and food.

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