VeSte the biggest; extra seat for CSF

The Student Council elections were won by VeSte, which got seven seats.
Student Council members Sterre Hoek van Dijke (VeSte); Stefanus Mega Prabawa (S&I), Joël Kampen(CSF)

Just like last year VeSte had seven seats. S&I lost one of its four seats to CSF, which therefore ended up with two.

Rector magnificus Arthur Mol announced the election results in an online gathering on Monday 14 June. Of the 12,556 students eligible to vote, 3376 actually cast a vote. That is 27 per cent, slightly down on previous years. Mol: ‘It wasn’t an easy election time due to Covid. I am happy that so many students still voted.’

The leader of the VeSte party, Sterre Hoek van Dijke, is proud to have won. ‘We fought hard. During the election week, we were on campus every day talking to students. We will start the induction of the new members at the end of August and in September I want to move onto the topic of teaching as soon as possible. I hope there will be campus teaching, excursions and things like that wherever possible.’

World of difference

The Christian party CSF is also pleased with the results, says their leader Joël Kampen. ‘That extra seat makes a world of difference. You have someone to discuss things with and share the workload, and it’s a lot more sociable.’ Kampen wants to take action right away to get Covid students’ practical skills back up to scratch.

Stefanus Mega Prabawa of Sustainability & Internationalization (S&I) thinks it is a pity his party lost a seat. ‘But I’m looking forward to meeting the other Student Council members and representing the international students in Wageningen.’

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