Student houses sold by Idealis

Idealis has sold six small student housing complexes to two private Dutch investors.
Salverdaplein. Photo Joris Schaap

A total of 54 students will be paying rent to a different landlord from now on. The houses being sold off are Bennekomseweg, Vijzelstraat 10, Salverdaplein 17, Boterstraat 2, Kloostersteeg, Wilhelminaweg and Salvocomplex.

According to Boterstraat resident Jasper (24, surname known to the editors), Idealis involved the residents in the sale correctly. ‘But the contract with the new owners is not going very smoothly yet. We received an email from an agent the new owner was apparently working with. It said, “Just transfer the rent to this account number.” But the email was in Dutch, whereas half the residents don’t speak Dutch.’


There is also a lack of clarity about their contract, which has not even been drawn up yet, according to Jasper. He hopes it will continue to be possible to sublet rooms. ‘That happens regularly here. In the summer holiday, for instance, when international students go back to stay with their parents for a while. Idealis had a good system for that. But without a contract it is not entirely clear what the possibilities for that are.’

Marisca Wind of Idealis says there is no need to residents to worry about that. ‘The contract has been adopted completely as it is. So everything that’s in it still applies.’ Idealis decided in 2020 to sell the six complexes because of their relatively high management and maintenance costs. The proceeds will be used to invest in new buildings or to make other existing complexes more sustainable.

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