Student Council presents: No Otherism Week

The Student Council takes the initiative for a week on anti-discrimination and pro-inclusivity.
Part of the NOW-schedule. Image No Otherism Week

The No Otherism Week (NOW) aims to raise awareness on discrimination, says  Student Council member Tamkin Haider (28).

Haider is chair of the Internationalisation and Integration committee. ‘NOW will be a week with activities to raise awareness on various forms of discrimination. Students and employees can learn about the differences that we all perceive and how we can work together to make people feel more at home. It’s about learning others’ perspectives and being inclusive.’

Safe spaces

The idea for NOW started back in 2020, around the time the Black Lives Matter protests took place, and racist incidents against Chinese students occured. Multiple student organisations in Wageningen will host events, from Unicef to international student association ISOW and from anti-racism association (ARA) to LHBTQ+ association SHOUT. There are events about Safe spaces; how to break stereotypes towards Asians; inclusivity; internalised racism and more.

The schedule for NOW can be found here.

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