SofaScience: no viable income for coffee farmers

Is fair trade really fair?
Anna en Yuca op de bank On Yuca Waarts’ sofa

A cup of coffee a day, and the occasional piece of chocolate. There is a story behind every sip and every bite. A story about the growers and farmers in Latin America and Africa, for example. Many such products have a fair-trade certificate, but how does this affect the growers’ everyday reality?

In this third episode of Resource SofaScience, our student editor Anna den Hartog visits researcher sustainable chain development Yuca Waarts. Yuca conducts research on, among other things, these labels for WUR. She investigates what the farmers are paid and what effect Fair Trade labels have. On Yuca’s couch, Anna discusses this research and what motivates Yuca in her work. ‘Not being poor and having a liveable wage and decent life is seen as a human right. This is something I consider important, to see how we can improve policies so that fewer people experience poverty.’

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