[no]WURries: My roommates can’t cook

My roommates can't cook.

‘Because of Covid, I eat my meals with my housemates nearly every day. We take it in turns to cook but unfortunately half my housemates can’t really cook. They just throw it all together and it tastes awful. There’s no chance of a flavoursome sauce either. I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings but it simply doesn’t taste nice. What should I do?’

Rijnveste student

(name known to the editors)

Call your mum

There are loads of videos on YouTube and cookery programmes on the TV where a chef shows you how to cook great dishes. Turn it into an activity with your housemates where you all get into the kitchen to try and make one of those dishes. Enjoy a sociable occasion and a tasty meal! And if that doesn’t work, you can always call your mum for a delicious recipe.

Jolanda Meurs, Facilities Service Desk employee

Cook together

In Covid times, lots of people don’t attach much importance to cooking and eating; they just see it as a question of getting their nutrients. Your housemates may well not realize that the others don’t think their food doesn’t tastes nice. Try to cook together occasionally rather than taking it in turns. That’ll let your housemates learn from one another. Tastes differ, but you are bound to find recipes together than everyone can enjoy. Anyway, cooking together is much more fun.

Colin de Bruijn, International Land and Water Management Bachelor’s student


Try to discuss it. Do your housemates themselves think they are good cooks or did they agree reluctantly to this arrangement? People who enjoy cooking are usually more likely to prepare things that taste nice. It’s more difficult if cooking is a chore. If they want to learn (from you) how to cook better, why not cook together? If they don’t enjoy cooking and you don’t enjoy eating their food, you could suggest you cook more often. In return, they could wash the dishes or do more cleaning tasks.

Franciska Sprong, Happietaria Wageningen 2021 kitchen coordinator

Cook more often

If their cooking isn’t up to scratch, perhaps they don’t enjoy cooking. You could offer to take more turns yourself. You then get to practise your hobby of cooking while everyone, including you, gets to enjoy your culinary skills. Perhaps that will even inspire your housemates to pick up a cookbook themselves.

Bram, Nutrition and Health student (full name known to the editors)

Apple sauce

If your housemates just throw ingredients together, like I do, there is a high chance they are not particularly passionate about cooking. You could indicate that you do enjoy preparing meals and wouldn’t mind doing so more often. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like spending more time at the stove, you can add some apple sauce to the mix. In Dutch cuisine, it goes with anything.

Henry Abbink, recently graduated in International Development Studies

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