More campus teaching from period six

The government has given the go-ahead for on-campus teaching one day a week.
Mark Rutte, the caretaker prime minister. Photo Shutterstock

As of Monday 26 April, students can attend classes on campus one day a week. The caretaker prime minister Mark Rutte made this announcement at the Covid press conference on Tuesday 20 April.

The relaxation of the rules does not mean that all Wageningen students will already get lessons on campus as of that week: the final two weeks of period 5 will end as originally planned, i.e. with just practicals and some exams on campus.

In period 6, which starts on Monday 10 May, the situation will largely return to what it was in the autumn, with the addition of self-testing. So on-campus education is possible but the mandate for making the choice between on-campus and online teaching lies with the teacher. Fieldwork is already permitted in groups of up to 30 students; now multi-day excursions will be allowed again too. But you can only take part in those if you do a coronavirus self-test every day. Self-testing is not compulsory for the on-campus education but it is highly recommended. WUR recommends doing one self-test a week. Students and teaching staff should have received information about ordering free self-tests via their WUR mailbox. All other rules, including the 1.5 metres rule, still apply.

Outdoor cafes

Other relaxation measures that were announced also affect students. Outdoor cafe seating will open (from 12:00 to 18:00 with two people per table), the curfew will end and you will now be able to have two guests in your home per day. The measures come into effect on 28 April.

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