One year of remote working. How are we doing?

How are you? And what do you expect from the future? Let Resource know (anonymously) through a survey.
Studenten in het Forumgebouw, één per tafeltje Photo Guy Ackermans

Working and studying from home have been standard within the WUR-community for over a year now. Resource tests the mood among students and employees through a survey in collaboration with research agency Newcom.  How are you doing? And, with the end of the crisis drawing near, what are your expectations of the future? Let us know (anonymously).

This survey is conducted at various universities and university colleges and is divulged by independent media such as Resource. The questions are related to your wellbeing, the ups and downs of working and studying from home and your satisfaction with the university.

Look ahead

A future perspective is an important element in the survey. What do you expect your situation to be like a year from now? Will you live closer or further away? Will you work or study from home more frequently? Is digital or hybrid education here to stay?

We urge you to take the survey, which will take up about seven minutes of your time. The results will be published in May.

Click here to start the survey.

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