New break software is more flexible

WorkPace has been replaced by a more modern and more personal programme after a decade of use.
Sometimes you just need a break. Image Shutterstock

WUR has replaced its WorkPace break software with Work & Move. This software is available free of charge for students and staff from the WUR software centre on your computer.

Student Council member Marieke van Vonderen was involved in testing the new software. As a member of the Student Council, she spends a lot of time behind her computer and thus feels having proper break software is essential. ‘Especially in times like these with all the online studying, there is always the risk of RSI, which makes taking breaks even more important.’

Break software such as Work & Move reminds users to take breaks regularly. WorkPace did the same, but in an unpleasant way, according to Van Vonderen. ‘When WorkPace reminded you to take a break, there was no option to decline. Very annoying if you are in the middle of taking minutes or just about to take an important note of something in a lecture.’


The new software may still prompt a break at inconvenient moments, Van Vonderen says. ‘But Work & Move is more flexible. It allows you to snooze, for example.’ There are also other advantages. Work & Move also monitors how you use your mouse and whether or not you use keyboard shortcuts. It will also allow you to select how often you want to take a break and for how long.

‘All in all, Work & Move is a lot more up to date and offers added flexibility for its users. You can set up the software to suit your needs. And, during the short breaks at your computer, the programme provides tips on healthy nutrition, exercise and healthy work habits.’

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