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To the campus at the end of April? Blogger Emma hopes so.
Emma Mouthaan

Meanwhile, we have arrived in April 2021. No doubt something you also noticed, but I am just pointing it out once more, haha. For many students, April 2021 marks a full year of studying from home. This also applies to me, unfortunately, and I am getting quite sick of it!

In March last year, all of a sudden, all lectures, practicals and committee meetings were cancelled on campus and moved online through Zoom, Teams, Proctor etc. After a few weeks of fiddling with the software, even the most digitally ignorant professors became quite savvy and “the new way of studying” started.

Fortunately, I “met” no fewer than four fellow students through an online workgroup

During the first six months, I was able to handle it quite well. I was otherwise occupied and was happy to have some time to myself. Moreover, I hadn’t planned many courses in the final two periods of last academic year, so I was not all that affected by studying from home.

In September, I started studying full-time again, and my schedule was quite full. I started to follow some courses in an area that was new to me and at another university where I knew no one. That was somewhat of a challenge, but, fortunately, I “met” no fewer than four fellow students through an online workgroup.

Thankfully, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. For students, at least. Because rapid tests are becoming available for universities! The goal is to have every student follow physical education on-campus for at least one day a week from the end of April. I am sceptical whether this goal will be met, but still, I can’t wait to return to the university to study and meet my fellow students in the flesh!

How are you coping with studying at home? Share your story below.

Emma Mouthaan (25) is a master’s student of Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology and is also taking a master in Writing at the VU. Emma blogs on studying and finances on the website The Stingy Student. Previously, she wrote about fashion and food.

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