Roadmap for student guidance

WUR had developed a roadmap for students with questions and problems.
A screenshot of the roadmap. Image: Student Guidance

The roadmap details what support options are available for the different questions and issues with which students may be struggling.

Suppose you are a student and in a situation with which you need help. WUR has many options available to you: study advisors, student deans, confidential advisors, student coaches and so on. There are also self-help options available for training on the online platform (Dutch). To prevent students from not seeing the forest for the trees, a roadmap has been developed.

‘The roadmap provides students with a clear picture’, says welfare manager Door van der Sloot. ‘On the one hand, we provide a clear overview of where to go with what issue. On the other, we also help students see what they themselves can do. The student’s well-being starts with him or her. They must take the first step. This map shows the possibilities. There are many options. This map helps you find your way.’


Teachers and other facilitators in the organisation don’t always know what provisions there are for students and who does what, Van der Sloot says. ‘This overview has been designed from the student’s perspective, but is also helpful for those who help and facilitate students.’

The roadmap is available on the website where it can be downloaded as an interactive PDF file. If you click the type of support you need, you will be forwarded to the correct web page.

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