Looking for a name

The Dialogue Center is waiting for a name. Interactus, for example, or Dialogon or Auditio. Anyone with ideas?
Illustration: BroekBakema Architecten

The meeting building along the Mansholtlaan is under construction. The Dialogue Centre is rapidly taking form in an effort to compensate for the delay. The construction was intended to start in the centennial year 2018. And, with this high-speed construction, it is time for a fitting name. Dialogue Centre is just a working title.

New Aula

As of last Friday, the WUR community may suggest names for the building. Following the successful naming competition for the third education building (now: Aurora), the “new Aula” will also be named. The rules are more or less the same. The name must have a classic ring to it, provide a hint of the building’s purpose and preferably be short and concise.

It is not quite as busy as was the case with Aurora, but that was more of a student thing

Eddy Teenstra, competition secretary

WUR students and staff may submit a name. Competition secretary Eddy Teenstra says that 80 entries have been submitted so far. ‘It is not quite as busy as was the case with Aurora, but that was more of a student thing. The emails are coming in a steady flow’. The competition closes next week Sunday (28 March) at 18.00 PM. Send your idea to name.dialoguecentre@wur.nl.


Following that, a jury of seven will hold several rounds of voting to decide on two finalists, of which one will ultimately be selected by the executive board. An important and possibly determining factor is the short motivation for the submitted name. Teenstra stresses that names submitted without a motivation will not be considered.

The jury consists of seven people, of which six from within WUR and one external member. The jury is chaired by Inge Wallage, director of Corporate Communications & Marketing. According to Teenstra, all the domains of WUR are represented in the jury. Those seeking inspiration may join the Dialogue Centre group page or follow the construction live on webcam.   

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