Meet our new blogger: Emma Mouthaan

Emma Mouthaan (25), a masters student of Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology.
Emma Mouthaan

When RSI forced Emma to temporarily abandon her studies, she discovered she had incurred considerable student debt. Because she was stuck at home, she decided to learn about finance, saving and investing. She shares her experiences in her personal blog: The Stingy Student.

This blog rekindled her passion for writing. ‘Previously, I blogged a lot about fashion and recipes, and now, about money.’ She is currently doing a Writing Masters at the VU.

For Resource, Emma will blog on finances, but also on other topics. ‘The ease with which you can borrow money from DUO surprises me. Without any financial education, you can simply tick the box for a maximum loan. Other financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies are legally obligated to ensure the customer is well-informed and can make a substantiated decision.’

Money is too important to ignore

Through her blogs, Emma hopes to raise students’ awareness of their finances and student debt. ‘I would like to revamp the dull image finances have and break the taboo on discussing money. Because money is too important to ignore.’

In addition to writing, Emma enjoys reading. She also likes to create things with others and joining committees. ‘Creating something beautiful together is what I enjoy. An event, a magazine, take your pick.’

Read her first blog here.

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